ELCOME! SINGING WOODS VIOLIN IS A VIOLIN SHOP WITH A DIFFERENCE. We specialize in hand-made conventional stringed instruments and violins of the New Violin Family-- both hand made and imported-- even contrabasses! Here you will find items that most other shops just don’t offer. Altos played vertically (like the one pictured to the right), true tenor violins, soprano violins, and special violas for players with physical problems. Please browse our site, come back often to see what's new, and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

Conventional Violins, Violas, and Cellos

If you can't find an old instrument that meets your requirements, commissioning a new one might be a good alternative. Your hand-made violin, viola, or cello can incorporate many of your preferences about style, sound, and appearance, and it can be a good investment as well. › MORE

New Violin Family Instruments

We love instruments of the New Violin Family, and the Singing Woods Violin Shop is the first in the country to offer high-quality, hand-crafted imports at an affordable price. We even offer cases that fit! We also hand-make to create the finest instruments possible for the professional player. › MORE

parts for Octet Makers

We now stock many hard-to-find parts for the octet maker, including endpin plugs and rods, tailhangers, and tailpieces for most octet violins, just to name a few. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask! › MORE


: Shen-Made basses coming

[04/16/12] As part of our work on the violin-shaped bass, we have some exciting new models in the pipeline. Because work on basses can completely monopolize time in a small shop like ours, we are pleased to announce that high-quality, low cost basses made on our designs are coming from the highly regarded workshops of Samuel Shen. These are made after the design for the Unger five-string bass, the first of which is already here. Before the ISB COnvention in 2013, four-string models will also be available. Please contact us for further information on options, availability, and pricing.



[04/16/12] We are pleased to announce a series of weekend classes for the study of basic plate tuning. Participants should have some experience in basic violin making, but no previous experience in violin acoustics is needed. This is an introductory course; longer and more advanced classes are in the planning stage. The schedule of fall classes is now posted. Follow this link and click on the classes tab for more information.


: Luthier Supplies for New Family

[02/06/11] We are now stocking a number of items for the player and luthier working with instruments of the New Family. We have chinrest barrels for piccolo (treble) and soprano violins in 15 mm and 20 mm length, and Sitzmann chinrests for the mezzo player. For the alto player we now carry tailpieces in 140 mm and 145 mm lengths, heavier tailhangers, and fingerboards of the correct length with a constant-radius arc. We also have a fine new A string for the alto that is getting rave reviews for its tone and durability. Later this year we will have upgraded alto cases, bent endpins for the alto, and alto bridges for repair and replacement.




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