new violin family strings

We are pleased to announce that we are now the sole source for all New Family violin strings made by the SuperSensitive String Company. SuperSensitive has supported the development of the New Family for well over forty years, but they are a manufacturer and a wholesaler to the trade and not well set up to handle retail sales. When they suggested that perhaps we might be the logical place for the New Family focus, we jumped at the chance. Bear with us while we stock up, and please pass the word along.

› Violins and violas by william hurley

Hand made instruments by William Hurley are now available through Singing Woods. Although Bill primarily makes to order, we often have several of his instruments available. Of special interest are Bill's 15" and 15 1/2" violas, which have an uncommonly fine sound. Our inventory is constantly changing, so please inquire with your needs and specifications.

› alto violin fittings

We have been working with Marc Salter of New Harmony Music on the manufacture of endpins specifically for the alto violin. The resulting assembly is beautiful, functional, and wonderfully made. It features an end plug milled from solid Delrin, so it will never warp, and the pin is a light and stiff carbon fiber rod that retracts fully into the body. The hardened steel tip can be resharpened, and it comes with a replaceable rubber cap. The adjustment and tightening of the pin length is smooth thanks to a special collar milled into the plug, and a fitted form grips the carbon fiber rod so that the screw does not damage it.

Marc has also worked with us on his design of a tail loop specifically made for the alto. The coated stainless steel looop allows for greater flexibility of the tailpiece and an improvement in acoustic performance, and the solid steel threaded rod and matching brass nuts will never slip or strip as somethine happens with nylon tail cords.

› Take a class at singing woods violi shop

After a hiatus of severl years, we are again considering offering classes in violin plate-tuning and acoustics for the luthier. We may also offer varnish classes with master varnish maker Joe Robson, depending on shedules and availability. Minimum class size for the acoustics workshop is four students, and for the varnish workshop we'd like to have six.

› price list updated (2018)

A current price and availability list for New Family instruments has been posted on the New Family page.

last updated: April 27,2018

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