Octet Parts

If you make octet instruments and are frustrated by the lack of certain small parts, I might be able to help. Please browse our offerings by clicking on the tabs, and let me know if you’re looking for something and can’t find it.

We now offer CNC-cut bridge blanks that fit most existing and early alto violin models. We designed them in the modern style, but a more traditional version is in the works. These are the same bridges we use to set up all our alto violins.


We now offer very high-quality alto cases custom made for Singing Woods by GWW Case Company.

RJS-AL $330.95
RJS-ALW $346.00

The AL and AL-W cases are designed to fit the current production of alto violins with body lengths between 485 and 496 mm from Singing Woods Violin Shop. The difference beween them is that the ALW model has wheels and a tug handle. The cases feature rugged 6-ply carcass construction, heavy-duty hardware, latches, and stitching, plush interiors with two generous accessory pockets, and four bow holders, two for longer bows and two for shorter models. You can store the instrument with the endpin rod in place.

RJS-XL $360.00
RJS-XLW $375.00

We still get requests for cases that will fit the original very large Hutchins model alto with body lengths greater than 495 mm, and the XL model was produced for those instruments. It is otherwise identical to the AL models.

The XLW (extra-large, wheels) case.

Alto Endpin Assembly Set

I am please to offer a lightweight and compact endpin assembly set designed especially for the alto violin. The full set consists of :

* 1 carbon fiber rod, 18 inches (457 mm) long; .31 inches (8 mm) in diameter.
* 1 hardened steel tip, machined to a smooth and very sharp point.
* 1 Precision-machined end plug fitting with thumbscrew.
* 1 soft rubber collar.
* 1 soft tip cap (not shown)

This assembly will save you hours of labor, and it also avoids the usual enormous hole that weakens the end block of your alto when trying to use a small cello fitting. The sliding rod is available either in aluminum or carbon fiber. The plug has the same taper as a standard cello peg reamer, so the plug can be installed by any reasonably well-equipped violin shop.

The aluminum rod is very light in weight. It is designed to allow the use of either the modern standard cello peg reamer or the older models that are slightly shorter. A soft rubber collar is included to cushion the assembly and protect the varnish in case you or your client prefer a slight downward angle on the rod.

The carbon-fiber rod (shown, above) is very light and very strong. It has been sized to fully retract inside any alto violin body. The entire rod slides out and can be stored separately, if needed. The assembly can also be used effectively on tenor violins.

complete set, aluminum $45.00
complete set, carbon fiber $55.00

Two great choices!

We now stock two great strings for all sizes of alto violin, the Pirastro Tonica 42cm set and our old favorite standby the SuperSensitive Sensicore Extra Long. Both feature a synthetic core for a nice warm sound. The Sensicore is a higher-tension string. The strings are available in sets and individually as well.

The original New Family set in the green envelope will soon be discontinued, but we have a number of loose strings in stock and will continue to make them available until they are gone.

Temporarily unavailable